Fatima's Stone. Original Acrylic on Wood.

Fatima's Stone. Original Acrylic on Wood.

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Acrylic and lacquer. 
5" x 7" Wood with felt backing.
From the Iconoclast series.  

About the Iconoclast series:
An icon on an oval of beveled wood which recalls religious iconography. Hands are a focal point for the religious artwork of Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, and various other doctrines. This small piece is a relic to be cherished. Traditionally, the hands of women have been depicted engaged in so-called "women's work" which have also inspired this piece in theme and creation. 

About Fatima's Stone:
A hand with a centrally placed eye is significant to the Arabic and Berber traditions. A representation is called Hand of Fatima after Fatima Zahra, daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, and is used as a protection against evil. The stones are abstract yet recall agate, thought by many cultures to possess healing qualities. 

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