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Exploring impossible existential problems with a laptop and moderately-priced paint.

I am curious about the human relationship with the world, particularly each individual's personal space. How do we make our environment? How do we build a space to inhabit, in the real world and mentally? 

I also really like bones and curios. 

Artistic Mediums: I love design, especially the ease of digital work. The many iterations that can be quickly fired off on my laptop are so pleasing. When I’m not diligently moving my mouse, traditional sketching and painting are my bread and butter. Acrylic paint is a personal favorite, because it is easily accessible and very quick drying. I love painting on wood and found items. I adore textile arts and enjoy knitting, crocheting, weaving, and various forms of needlepoint.

Passions: Animals. I am a huge animal advocate and support many programs which strive for better living conditions for animals, particularly pets. Jet skis are the greatest invention known to man. I love to travel the world, when time and money permits. 

Education: I have an MA in Classical Archaeology from Florida State University. I also hold Bachelor's degrees in Art History, Archaeology, and World History.