About the Artist


The Artist

I am a full-time artist and professional creep living in South Florida.

Artistic Mediums: Sketching and painting are my bread and butter. Acrylic paint is a personal favorite, because it is easily accessible and very quick drying. I love painting on wood and found items. I adore textile arts and enjoy knitting, crocheting, weaving, and various forms of needlepoint.

Passions: Animals. I am a huge animal advocate and support many programs which strive for better living conditions for animals, particularly pets. Jet skis are the greatest invention known to man. I love to travel the world, when time and money permits. 

Education: I have an MA in Classical Archaeology from Florida State University. I also hold Bachelor's degrees in Art History, Archaeology, and World History. 

How to Make A Moulos

The Artwork

Exploring impossible existential problems with moderately-priced paint.

I am curious about the human relationship with the world, particularly each individual's personal space. How do we make our environment? How do we build a space to inhabit, in the real world and mentally? 

I also really like bones and curios.